Sex+Rainbows+Drugs+Unicorns+Alcohol+Cute Gorey stuff= Me :]


do you ever get sad attacks and it drains you and you’re just left sitting there like wow this is so uncalled for rude

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"i’m not bitter" i say, bitterly, with a bitter expression

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i bet you thought you’d seen the last of me

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Things to look forward to in October
1. Halloweentown
2. Halloweentown 2 Kalabar’s Revenge
3. Halloweentown High
4. Return to Hallloweentown

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People in their twenties still refer to people older than them as “adults”. When do you think they stop… and realize… they are adults

I’m not an adult, I’m a child with a drinking permit.

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Thank you for following me. I really mean that. Each and every one of you deserves a big hug and some candy.

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let me sleep in ur stupid t-shirts and hold ur dumb hand u piece of shit

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nah sorry i cant go out tonight, i have plans to spiral into uncontrollable anxiety starting in the early evening and ending at roughly 3 am

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we all have that one follower who we want to be sexually successful with

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